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 About Akortek Bilişim

Akortek Bilişim was founded in 2007 with partners who worked together in an important IT distributor of Turkey for many years and has introduced important brands to Turkish market. 

Akortek Bilişim is the value added distributor of Turkey, which aims to provide new tech, accessory and pc component products to Turkish computer & electronics market. 


Our Sales Channel

Akortek Bilişim is distributing its products through 4 different channels:

  • Own Reseller Netork: Akortek Bilişim has a reseller network of around 1500+ channel customers including traditional computer stores and small to medium sized corporate customers
  • Sub-Distributors: Akortek Bilişim is working with 2 of the top broadliner distributors in Turkey (Arena and Penta) to sell its products through their reseller network which is estimated to be around 7000 customers combined.
  • Online Web Sites: Akortek Bilişim is working with top online web sites providing them online material such as hi-res photos, videos and detailed product descriptions prepared by unrivaled designer and product management team.

Our Distributorships

Aerocool: AeroCool, founded in 2001, has been famous for its AeroEngine front turbine fan design, which was imitated by many other brands after its first introduction in 2004. AeroCool is also famous for its front panel accessories such as GateWatch which fits to two 5.25" bays (patented design)and new cubic form factor HTPC chassis like M40. AeroCool is introduced to Turkish market by Akortek Bilisim with the new chassis models first shown at Cebit 2008.
Akasa: Founded in 1997 with Taiwan and UK offices, Akasa has joined the ongoing Custom PC revolution in 2000 with rounded cables, CPU coolers and other modding accessories. Today Akasa has 5 different branches in different countries and is an "Intel Approved Cooler Manufacturer" and "AMD Qualified System Partner". With the motto of "Superb Design Engineering" Akasa continues to manufacture PC components & accessories without compromising the quality and features.
ASRock : ASRock Inc. is established in 2002, specialized in the field of motherboards. ASRock strives to build up its own brand. The young and vibrant company targets from mainstream to enthusiast MB segments for different kinds of users, owning reputation around the world market with its reliability and proficiency. ASRock products are distributed since 2015 by Akortek Bilişim.
Dark: Dark is own brand of Akortek Bilişim which focuses on new digital age products such as Android Tablets, Android Smart TV Box, HD media players, RAID storage units,  iPad/iPhone accssories and performance-PC products such as gamer chasis.
Ergotron: Founded in 1982 by VESA FDMI standard author and visionary Harry Sweere, Ergotron is the leading manufacturer of mounting and mobility products for computer monitors, notebooks, and large flat panel displays and TVs. Ergotron’s mounting solutions includes wall and desk mount arms, desk stands, carts and vertical lifts. Ergotron products are distributed since 2009 by Akortek Bilişim.
Galax : : Founded in 1994, GALAX has built its reputation as the behind the scenes designer and manufacturer of many of the most popular OEM branded graphic card products on the market. In addition, it presents its own brand and suitable price/ high performance oriented graphics cards to the gamers. Galax graphic cards are distributed since 2017 by Akortek Bilişim.
High Power:

High Power is the PSU brand of Sirtec International which is manufacturing power supplies for important chassis brands like Lian-Li & Chieftec and power units for many electronic devices like LCD TVs for 13 years. With patented innovations like "Power Watcher", High Power continues to improve its PSU product range for the increasing demands of PC market.

Seasonic: Founded in 1975 Seasonic is one of the leading PSU manufacturers in the world. With important milestones such as the first 80+ PSU for the desktop computers (SS-400HT) in 2005, Seasonic has always been in the forefront of innovative PSU design. With the single-rail design and 80+ Platinum models today Seasonic is still leading the PSU innovation in efficiency and reliability.
Silverstone: Founded in 2003, SilverStone is an established leader in high-end PC products such as chassis, PSU and coolers. Silverstone has provided the PC audience with very originally designed HTPC and performance PC cases and continues to develop high-end products. Silverstone products are distributed by Akrtek Bişim since 2010.
Team: Team Group is the world’s 12 largest memory module manufacturer and 7th largest flash memory manufacturer according to iSuppli 2011 Q2 reports. With over 20 years of computer peripherals production and sales experience, Team Group has established strong sales and customer service centers in Taiwan, and has over 300 global sales and customer service agents. Team memory and flash proucts are distributed in Turkey by Akortek Bilişim since 2009.
TX: TX is Akortek's own brand including economic but correct labeled PSU and mini/midi-tower chassis products that cater to the entry and mid-level PC systems.
UC-Logic: UC-Logic is the manufacturer of graphic tablet and LCD tablet products since 1996, and is known for its price/performance products. UC-Logic is also producing A4 and A5 sized digital agenda products under its LaPazz brand. UC-Logic has joined the UC-Logic and LaPazz series of products under the same product family in 2008. Akortek also has created a Turkish support site for UC-Logic (www.uc-logic.com.tr) with recent drivers and a gallery of illustrations created with UC-Logic products.