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Sapphire R7 370 NITRO Dual-X OC 4GB 256Bit GDDR5 Ekran Kartı (11240-04-41G)

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Sapphire R7 370 NITRO Dual-X OC 4GB 256Bit GDDR5 Ekran Kartı (11240-04-41G)

Ürün Kodu : SP 11240 04 20G

Stok Durumu : Stokta yok

176.00 USD + KDV (789,18 TL)

Taksit Seçenekleri

Tek Çekim

Kredi kartınızdan 789,18 TL çekilecek.
Akbank - Axess
Taksit Sayısı Aylık Ödeme Toplam Ödenecek
2 Taksit 400,31 TL 800,62 TL
3 Taksit 268,19 TL 804,57 TL
4 Taksit 202,03 TL 808,12 TL
5 Taksit 162,41 TL 812,07 TL
6 Taksit 135,48 TL 812,86 TL
İş Bankası - Maximum / Bankamatik Kartı
Taksit Sayısı Aylık Ödeme Toplam Ödenecek
2 Taksit 403,78 TL 807,57 TL
3 Taksit 271,00 TL 813,01 TL
4 Taksit 204,69 TL 818,77 TL
5 Taksit 164,84 TL 824,22 TL
6 Taksit 138,28 TL 829,66 TL
Taksit Sayısı Aylık Ödeme Toplam Ödenecek
2 Taksit 402,84 TL 805,67 TL
3 Taksit 270,16 TL 810,49 TL
4 Taksit 203,83 TL 815,30 TL
5 Taksit 164,04 TL 820,19 TL
6 Taksit 137,50 TL 825,01 TL
Finans Bank - CardFinans
Taksit Sayısı Aylık Ödeme Toplam Ödenecek
2 Taksit 409,54 TL 819,09 TL
3 Taksit 274,61 TL 823,83 TL
4 Taksit 207,14 TL 828,56 TL
5 Taksit 166,82 TL 834,08 TL
6 Taksit 139,55 TL 837,32 TL
Yapı Kredi - WorldCard
Taksit Sayısı Aylık Ödeme Toplam Ödenecek
2 Taksit 408,40 TL 816,80 TL
3 Taksit 271,21 TL 813,64 TL
4 Taksit 205,19 TL 820,75 TL
5 Taksit 164,54 TL 822,72 TL
6 Taksit 137,58 TL 825,48 TL
Garanti Bankası / BonusCard
Taksit Sayısı Aylık Ödeme Toplam Ödenecek
2 Taksit 403,19 TL 806,38 TL
3 Taksit 270,85 TL 812,54 TL
4 Taksit 204,00 TL 816,01 TL
5 Taksit 164,18 TL 820,91 TL
6 Taksit 137,53 TL 825,17 TL

Ürün Açıklaması

Untitled 1

DirectX® 12

DirectX® 12 is a new, “console-like” graphics API from Microsoft® that empowers game developers with more direct and obvious control of PC hardware. This direct or “explicit” control better exposes the hardware resources of AMD Radeon™ GPUs to yield higher hardware throughput and, ultimately, more performance for users. To put it simply: much more efficient hardware through smarter software! At the discretion of a game developer, this superior efficiency can be spent on higher framerates, lower latency (VR), lower power consumption, better image quality, or some calculated balance of all four. In any scenario, gamers stand to benefit greatly from choosing AMD hardware to run their favorite DirectX® 12 game.

AMD Eyefinity Technology

Multidisplay technology for gaming, productivity and entertainment

We are taking you beyond the boundaries of traditional PC displays. AMD Eyefinity technology expands the traditional limits of desktop computing by multiplying your screen area. With multiple monitors, games become more immersive, workstations become more useful and you become more productive (an average of 42% more productive according to one study).

Take your PC games to the next level of reality and immersion. Most modern games look great on three screens, and only AMD Radeon™ graphics offer you the ability to play across five screens for an eye-popping gaming experience. Other combinations and configurations with up to six screens work too.1 Create your dream display.

AMD Crossfire™ 

Harness the power of multiple GPUs

AMD CrossFire™ technology is the ultimate multi-GPU performance gaming platform. Unlocking game-dominating power, AMD CrossFire™ harnesses the power of two or more discrete graphics cards working in parallel to dramatically improve gaming performance.1 AMD CrossFire™ technology ready graphics cards fit practically every budget. With the flexibility to combine two, three or four GPUs, AMD CrossFire™ technology is the perfect solution for those who demand extreme performance.

Frame Rate Target Control

Real time control of maximum rendered frames displayed per second. DFC is aimed at providing smoother gameplay by limiting the maximum displayed frames per second for games whose frame latency vary too much, for example, if a game is keeping frame rate between 50 and 80 FPS, you can set a limit of 45 FPS and enjoy a smoother experience thanks to more stable frame latency. Even if the game is capable to deliver 60 FPS, DFC set to 60 FPS as target can also help by smoothing the frame latency .

Teknik Özellikler

EAN SP-11240-04-20G
Slot Tipi PCI-Express x16 3.0
Kullanım Alanı Oyunlar/Ofis Uygulamaları
Grafik İşlemci Üreticisi ATI (Radeon/Firepro)
Grafik İşlemci Ailesi Hayır
Grafik İşlemcisi Hayır
Bellek Kapasitesi 4 GB
Bellek Tipi DDR5
Bellek Hızı 6000 MHz
Bellek Veriyolu 256-bit
DirectX Uyumu Direct 11.2 / 12
Görüntü Çıkışları DisplayPort, DVI, HDMI
Görüntü Çıkış Sayısı Hayır
Ek Özellikler Crossfire, EyeFinity
GPU Çekirdek Hızı Hayır
Paralel İşlemci Sayısı Hayır
Paralel İşlemci Hızı Hayır
Soğutma Fanlı
Max. Çözünürlük Hayır
Harici Güç Girişi Hayır
Güç Tüketimi Hayır
Kutu İçeriği Hayır
Garanti Süresi 2 Yıl
Üretici Kodu Hayır